American Leather

 American Leather is a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, a nonprofit organization created to promote sustainable practices in the furniture industry, American Leather is committed to making their products and manufacturing operations environmentally friendly.

This commitment begins at the very foundation of their custom-made furniture. Each frame is constructed from wood harvested from sustainable forests and is precision-engineered to create as little scrap as possible. The scrap that remains is recycled or reused.

This commitment begins at the very foundation of our custom-made furniture.
— American Leather

All leathers use water-based pigments, and American Leather offers environmentally friendly leathers. Their innovative manufacturing techniques minimize the number of leather scraps, and like our wood scraps, any remaining leather scraps are either recycled or resold for the production of small leather goods.

All of the furniture styles use soy-based BiOH® Polyols Renew™ foam cushioning that is fully recyclable and available in a wide assortment of firmness and densities. Additionally, since April 2014, American Leather has exclusively used foam, leather, fabric, and Ultrasuede® that are free from fire retardants.

American Leather’s central U.S. factory location not only ensures fast product delivery compared to brands manufactured outside the country by reducing travel time, but it also yields a smaller carbon footprint than imported goods. Also, they conserve energy with automatic light shut-offs and encourage employees to recycle.