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Leah a.k.a. Max is newer to the furniture and interior design industry but has always had a career within the Performing and Visual Arts. She studied at both the Rutgers University for Business Finance and the American Music & Dramatic Academy in New York.

What fuels Leah’s interest in the furniture and interior design industry is her appreciation for all methods of visual art. Leah loves the feeling you experience when you walk into a well-designed room, and she admires how different themes and color schemes can really visually enhance a space. Surroundings is proud to be able to create well-designed rooms and stunning home transformations thanks to Leah’s continued amazing efforts behind the scenes.

Her talents extend far beyond our showroom - Leah’s hobbies include ballroom dancing, painting, and SFX makeup! Her favorite musician is David Bowie, her favorite artist is the surrealist Salvador Dalí, and her favorite movie is The Breakfast Club.

Art is what you can get away with.