LEE Industries

Since its inception, the mission of LEE Industries has been to create originally styled, high-quality home furnishings while adhering to a set of values that focus on their customers, the community and the environment.

In 1969, Bill and Dottie Coley opened a 7500 square foot factory in Newton, North Carolina, hired 10 people, and began crafting wood-framed upholstery pieces. In 1972 Chic Robinson joined the team as Executive Vice President in charge of financial, production, and administrative functions and helped propel LEE to a new level. From that humble beginning, LEE has expanded to four manufacturing plants and has grown to be a leader and innovator in environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. LEE has a wide variety of fabrics in different colors, textures and patterns and so many product ranges available to furnish every space of the home organically and perfectly.

Friend of the Earth? Read about LEE Industries sustainable practices here.

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