Stressless Furniture by Ekornes

At Ekornes, being green is much more than a claim they can make. It’s a way of life stretching far beyond a cause they advocate, because respecting the environment means valuing their heritage and preserving their culture as Norwegians.

The beautiful land Ekornes is so lucky to call home paints a picture of the hard work and story of those who came centuries before us. Their historic connection to the land and sea gives them all more reason to preserve the crystal clear waters of the fjords their ancestors sailed and maintain the majestic beauty of the mountains and land their families have built their lives around. Without this regal terrain, Ekornes would not be who they are.

Preserving the environment not only protects our past, but also paves the way for our future. A future that deserves the same beauty we were afforded. Ensuring the quality of life for generations ahead is a culmination of small labors and changes coming together on a daily basis to maintain a healthy environment.

It’s a way of life stretching far beyond a cause we advocate, because respecting the environment means valuing our heritage and preserving our culture as Norwegians.
— Ekornes

At Ekornes, the efforts they make every day aren’t done because they simplify a process, or because they cut a cost. They are done because it is in the best interest of the people they care for: their families, friends, fellow Norwegians and Ekornes customers.

Ekornes reuses their materials for practical purposes to cut back on the need for additional resources – resources that could be put to better use. Instead of tossing scraps in landfills, they recycle them to meet their needs. Take for example the gorgeous European beech used for Stressless chair bases. The excess wood chips are collected and burned to produce the heat used in their facilities, cutting back on energy needs and protecting the forests surrounding them. Or the scrap leathers stretched for sofas and chairs collected and sold to companies to create smaller products so nothing goes to waste.

Complex processes are designed by Ekornes engineers to ensure the safety of their employees as well as their land. They use intensive processes, such as close-loop steel degreasing to build metal bases, which allows them to avoid harmful emissions into the air and the fjords. Ekornes implements new practices and processes to protect the health of their employees and the cleanliness of their water.

Green materials are sought out and purchased and water-based paints and lacquers are sourced. Only the highest quality materials are used. The Ekornes goal is to build a product with a minimal ecological footprint, a product that spans decades. Their daily efforts are what make Ekornes products quality products. Ekornes gives you furniture that lasts, so you too can do your part for the earth.